March 24, 2016

There is a common misconception out there that if you are looking at buying new construction you don’t need a real estate professional to represent you.  People think that because the builder has a sales representative on site that you are covered.  There is some truth to that statement.  You will have someone there that will be able to answer your questions and write your sales contract.  They are certainly experts when it comes to new construction and how their homes are built, which is so important.  The most important thing that I encourage you to remember is that their sales people work for the builder and their best interests, not necessarily yours.   If you bring a qualified real estate professional with you, you will have someone to be your advocate throughout the process, at no cost to you!



You will get a better deal if you go it alone.

This is not the case whatsoever. The builder anticipates that they may be paying out commissions to the Buyer’s agent and expect it.  In fact, you will be better off working with an agent that is familiar with the process and can negotiate on your behalf saving you time and money in the long run.  I have managed the process now for two of my clients while they were still living out of state and sent updates and pictures throughout the entire process.  You are building your home and it’s an exciting time in your life.  I want to make it as easy and exciting as possible for you.


Myth #2

I don’t need inspections because it’s a new home and they do them anyways.

It’s true, they have their homes inspected but with the rate at which new construction is being built inspectors are very busy and things can get missed.  It’s always good to have another set of eyes on your project.  There are four different inspections that would be valuable during the building process. They are 1. pre and post slab, 2. rough plumbing, electrical and HVAC, 3. building wrap prior to exterior finish and lastly a 4. final inspection upon completion.  Whether your home was completed yesterday or 100 years ago, something will likely arise.  An inspector I work with told me a story about going into an attic to find zero insulation.  Yes, I said zero insulation, in Florida.  They had lived in that home that they had built by a popular builder for 7 years without any insulation to help them retain heat or cooled air.  Can you imagine how much money that cost them over the course of 7 years?  If you are buying an inventory home I would still recommend a normal inspection prior to closing however if you waive it you will typically have a year to request any repairs.  I would plan on scheduling that inspection about 10 months into owning the home so that this way, if anything comes up, you can have it addressed well within your 12 month window.


Myth #3

It’s just a walk through.  I don’t need to bother my agent by having them come along.

Not true!  The builder may not recommend that you bring your agent with you but I would highly recommend it.  We want to be involved!  I look at real estate all day and know what to look for.  Just recently during an orientation walk through I found at least ten items that needed to be added to the punch list before our final walk the day prior to closing.  Some were minor issues, mainly paint related but one had to do with a dent in an AC unit outside.  The builder we were working with was amazing and addressed some of the concerns before we even left that day and the rest were completed by the time we were back a week later.  It’s great to walk in for closing feeling confident that your home is exactly as you would expect it to be!



If you are considering new construction I would be happy to help.  I have personally purchased new construction myself and have helped several clients navigate the process as well.  There are a lot of great benefits to buying a new home.  Contact me today for more information!  www.sellmyhometampafl.com